Mission Statement:

As a company we want to offer solutions that will help increase your brand awareness and help you achieve your goals. As individuals, we want to offer outstanding support and ideas that will gain us recognition as partners, not vendors. 


Respect. Faith. Quality Craftsmanship. Dedication.

The Bayside Story:

My story in woodworking starts as a very young boy working with my father in his small shop after school and on the weekends. He picked up his woodworking skills from his father who would sit at his kitchen table and hand carve some of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen.  He carved a western covered wagon complete with a canvas cover, hand carved people and horses. His most impressive piece was a duplicate of Old Ironside complete with cannons, people, sails and rope. It was over 3 feet long and 3 feet high.


My dad was always building something and he wasn’t afraid to act on his curiosity about anything. We built a telescope that included hours and hours of grinding the lens to building a homemade kiln where he melted all kinds of metals and made his own molds. He learned how to work on cars and rebuild engines after being taken by a mechanic who overcharged him for an alternator replacement. We built most of our buildings from “loading lumber” a term he used for the 4 x 4 oak lumber that the steel mill he worked at would use to put under the steel rolls on the flatbed trailers. Almost every day he would pull up the driveway in his blue Plymouth Fury 3 with several pieces of the loading lumber sticking out of the trunk.


Let me tell you, to this day I have never come across a harder wood to try to drive nails into. We would have to pre-drill the holes for the nails and quite often the drill bit would break. Back in those days if you bent a nail you would have to straighten it out- people would look at you nowadays like you were crazy if you straightened out a nail. You can see a common theme here; in those days we wasted nothing and became quite creative about not spending money by making a homemade replica of something you could buy in a store.


I still have engrained in me those life lessons about being frugal and the importance of taking pride in everything I do. I have flipped a house by totally renovating it, built a Florida room addition housing a hot tub complete with tiled floor and tongue and grooved cedar walls and built a 32x32 2-story addition to my house that includes my workshop and game room above.

Dad in his workshop

Passing down the torch to my daughter, Laura

Mark Henry, Owner, at the Sign Show in Las Vegas- the world's largest sign show